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Priority Ticket Information

Some Exeter City games – typically local derbies and big cup matches, both home and away – will not be made available on general sale, and instead only released on restricted sale.  

To qualify for Restricted Sales tickets, you must be a Priority Member with Exeter City Football Club. Priority status will be classified into four categories: Community, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Anyone with a Priority status will also have a corresponding Priority Number.

If you are unsure what Priority status you hold or are unsure of your Priority Number, contact Reception by ringing 01392 411 243 or by emailing:  Season Ticket holders will find their Priority Number inside their Season Ticket booklet.  Please note that this may differ from a membership number that is held within an affiliate supporters’ group.

Community: Supporters whose names and contact details are registered with Exeter City, but who are not current members of any of the qualifying groups. If you are not yet a Community member, you can be added to our database instantly simply by bringing photographic ID to Reception at St James Park, and therefore hold a Priority status.

Bronze: Supporters who are either members of Exeter City Supporters’ Trust or of any of the qualifying groups*.

(NB. Should a supporter be a member of more than one qualifying group (eg. a member of both the East Devon Grecians and the ECFC Supporters’ Club), this will not constitute any additional priority.)

Silver: Supporters who are fully paid-up members of Exeter City Supporters’ Trust or a validated Red or Dead member, plus a member of any of the other qualifying groups*.

This recognises Exeter City Supporters’ Trust as the primary group, but also recognises additional contributions made by other qualifying groups.

(NB. This will mean that Season Ticket holders that are not members of Exeter City Supporters’ Trust will not qualify for silver membership, even if they are a member of another affiliated supporters’ group.)

Gold: Supporters who hold 3 or more years of continuous membership of Exeter City Supporters’ Trust, plus a membership of any of the other qualifying groups*.

In practice, for home cup games that require restricted sale, ticket availability will first be made available to Season Ticket holders and Gold Priority Members. This will allow Season Ticket holders to claim their seats or space on the Big Bank first, and allow Gold Priority Members to have first choice of remaining tickets. Further tranches will then be made available to Silver, Bronze and Community Priority Members respectively.

For away games with restricted sales, Gold Priority Members will be offered first opportunity to buy tickets, followed by Silver, Bronze and Community Priority Members respectively. This aims to solve concerns whereby Exeter City Supporters’ Trust members who are not based locally to St James Park have in the past experienced difficultly in purchasing ticket for restricted sales games.

*The following qualifying groups are: Season Ticket holder, Red or Dead contributor, and any of the following affiliated supporters' groups: Exeter City Supporters’ Club; ExEC-100 Club; Junior Grecians; Exeter Exiles/London Grecians; East Midlands Grecians; North Devon Grecians; East Devon Grecians; Great Western Grecians; Exeter City Disabled Supporters’ Association; Exeter City Supporters Club of Norway.

You can use this guide as a quick reference to check your priority status:

Qualifying Groups:

Season Ticket holders
Red or Dead contributor
Exeter City Supporters’ Club
ExEC-100 Club
Junior Grecians
Exeter Exiles/London Grecians
North Devon Grecians
East Devon Grecians
Great Western Grecians
East Midlands Grecians
Exeter City Disabled Supporters’ Association
Exeter City Supporters Club of Norway.