New Priority ticketing system introduced

Priority groups and game categories revamped

We are pleased to be able to introduce our new Priority system for ticketing with Exeter City, as well as a guide to game categories.

After speaking and consulting with fans, the decision was taken to put into place a new, simple and comprehensive way of giving supporters Priority status for games when tickets are in high demand or restricted, both home and away (such as derby matches and high-profile cup games).  

We are confident that in practice this will allow fans fair access tickets for high-demand games and provide a clear indication of their availability.  Where supply of tickets is likely to be sufficient, such as most home League 2 games and non-derby away games, then tickets will be readily available as usual.

The four new Priority groups are divided into: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Community.  Click here to read a full explanation of the new Priority groupings and when they will apply.  These groupings have been ratified by the club board, the Supporters’ Trust board, and the relevant supporters’ groups.

If you have never had a recorded sale with Exeter City (ie. only ever pay cash on the day for match tickets) and therefore are not on the club’s database, we would urge you to come to Reception at St James Park so that you can be added instantly to the Community category.  This will enable you easy access to tickets for derby matches and high-profile cup games.

At the same time, we have introduced a new way of categorising games, in order to use these Priority groupings effectively.  Similarly, these categories have been ratified by the club board, the Supporters’ Trust board, and the relevant supporters’ groups.

Where relevant, game categories will be announced at the same time as ticket details.  Most home League 2 games won’t be given a designated category, though specific terms and conditions may apply to derby fixtures and these will also be announced with ticket details.

In particular the new categories will pre-decide the time-frames for buying tickets for cup games where there is limited time between the draw taking place and the match itself.

This will be fully integrated into our brand new online ticketing system, which will be launched imminently.  Once the new system is launched, tickets will be available to buy online for the League 2 games against Bristol Rovers and AFC Wimbledon and the Capital One Cup game against QPR.

Click here for full information on the new Priority ticketing system.

Click here for full information on the new game categories.