Grecians welcome new business partner

‘Everys one a winner’ as latest legal company join forces with City

With offices from Bridgwater and Taunton down to Exeter and across East Devon, Everys has been providing a complete range of legal services to the area for many years.  

As the company continues to grow, the group’s Commercial Director, Bruce Brooker, has identified the reach and appeal that The Grecians have across the area of Everys own operations. 

“Exeter City is not just community owned, it practices what it preaches with some fabulous work being done in the community by the club’s Football in the Community department,” said Bruce Brooker.  “We are delighted to have our brand associated with the club and help support its fantastic efforts on and off the field.”

The club’s own Bruce, Business Development Manager, Bruce Henderson, added, “It is a genuine pleasure to welcome to our club family such a well-respected and established group as Everys.  The only problem now is when Bruce and I meet up together in the City.  We sound like a visiting Australian trade delegation.”