Tis: “Certain things you can’t control”

Boss gives verdict as game is called off

Following the decision at 1.45pm to postpone the Exeter City v Morecambe fixture, manager Paul Tisdale spoke about the disappointment of the fixture having to be called off.

Until around 1pm, the pitch had been perfectly playable and in good knick for a bit of winter football, but a massive downpour turned the situation on its head extremely quickly.

“The pitch has become totally unplayable,” said Tis.  “There’s certain things you can control in life and others you can’t.

“When I arrived at St James Park at 1 o’clock, I walked across the pitch and it was wet but perfectly playable – at that time there was not even a hint of doubt.

“It’s all down to how much rain comes down in a space of time, and we’ve just had the biggest deluge you can imagine so we’ve been left with no choice whatsoever.

“It’s incredibly unfortunate because we really wanted and needed the game.  The business and the club will be affected because of turnover, cash-flow and paying wages so it’s a kick in the teeth for everyone at the club.”