Added value for Season Ticket holders

Having listened to the feedback from many Season Ticket holders and committed fans, Exeter City FC are improving the value of season tickets for everyone who commits to supporting the Club by purchasing a 2014/15 Season ticket.
The Club is owned by its fans and has canvassed opinion to demonstrate the model of fan ownership at work in its most effective form.  We are therefore pleased to announce that the Supersaver Season Ticket discount period will be extended until 5.30pm on Friday 4th April.  In addition, current Season Ticket holders’ existing seats will be reserved for them until 5.30pm on Monday 28th April after our last home match.

We are also pleased to announce an additional value enhancing benefit for ALL Adult and Senior Season Ticket holders for next season.  Our football club needs us all to get behind the team and build for the future.  Next season we wish to pack the Park in support of a team made up of many local young players and provide a vibrant and positive place for those players to develop in.  We want to give our club and our young team every chance next season and, to support this, every Adult and Senior Season Ticket purchaser will receive five £10 discount vouchers to allow them to introduce friends and family to St James Park at any home League match in the 2014/15 Season.
The Club is, as ever, very reliant on our fans and supporters backing our ownership model.  Next year the team will comprise a large number of home grown youngsters, all products of the commitment this Club and Trust have shown to the Academy system.  Giving fans value for money is paramount to everyone alongside us all ensuring that enough revenue is generated to deliver the very best players the Club can afford on the pitch.  The squad for next season is very much shaped by the revenue from season ticket sales.  Your Club needs your support
Our Club has no blank chequebook available, however, everyone involved at all levels remains resolutely committed to seeing the team succeed, and to do that the Club needs its fans to stand alongside it and back the rallying cry of our future.

The Club and Trust are demonstrating the true power and potential of a Club owned by its fans and now ask all supporters to stand with it and take advantage of the significantly improved value being provided to existing and new season ticket holders 
To buy your Season Ticket please click here, or return your Season Ticket Renewal form in the pre-paid envelope you will have received in your Season Ticket pack. Equally you can phone on 01392 411243 or come in to Reception at St James Park, Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.30pm.