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Grecian the Lion helps to tee off new Adventure Golf Course at Ladram Bay

4 July 2015

Exeter City mascot Grecian the Lion lined up with a lot of his furry friends recently to feature in a gala golf tournament, to mark the opening of the new Ladram Bay Adventure Golf Course.

Grecian, who brings a whole new definition to the term ‘scratch golfer’, was a star on the day; however the record high temperate forced him to take a cooling break by the water hole – there he got side-tracked chasing a stray wildebeest that had taken a wrong turning in the Kalahari and ended up on the beautiful South Devon Coast.

When asked what his handicap is, Grecian replied, ‘long claws’.  He added that he was thrilled to be asked to play, and was glad that his fame as a golfer had spread to the beautiful and award winning Ladram Bay and that he hoped to play out there again.

However, he didn’t want to be partnered with that parrot again as the bird in the colourful feathers kept flying off with Grecian’s balls – not the kind of ‘birdie’ he was expecting.

Click here for more information about Adventure Golf at Ladram Bay!

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