St James Park Development – Chairman’s statement

At the launch of The St James Park Development on 23rd June 2015, Chairman of Exeter City Football Club Julian Tagg said:

“I am very excited to launch The St James Park Development, which I hope will be a significant step in the long-term prosperity and financial independence of Exeter City Football Club.

“These plans are only in the early stages of formulation.  But, the full scope of what we will be proposing could deliver significant improvement in the experience of the spectators at St James Park, as well as a considerable boost to our work in the local community.

“We will not know the full extent of what could be achieved through these plans until the detailed design work has occurred, alongside the full public consultation programme launched today.  But what is clear is that the aspirations for St James Park that these plans have would meet a key element of Exeter City’s long-term vision as an outstanding community-owned Club.

“We have been supporter-owned since 2003, and I am very proud that both the Club and the fans, through the Supporters’ Trust, have come together to produce a Mission Statement for Exeter City.  This Mission Statement outlines a range of practical objectives that support the overall Club Vision.  These include ‘delivering viable financial performance’, ‘developing first class capabilities’, both on and off the pitch and ‘to engage with our members, supporters and the wider community’.

“The plans that we launch today will help us to achieve all of these objectives and I am delighted that our commercial partner Yelverton Properties has come on board to play an instrumental role in this process.

“However, there is much work to be done before any detailed plans can be provided, both with our commercial partner and through consultation with the wider area.

“I look forward to discussing these plans in detail at the first public event, which will be held at St James Park in late July, as well as across the coming months as a planning application is formulated.

“As a supporter-owned club that is deeply invested in Exeter, its community and its residents, Exeter City regards community liaison with the utmost seriousness.  That is why supporters, local businesses, institutions and residents of Exeter St James and the surrounding area can all expect to play a key role the formulation of these plans.

“Thank you.”

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