Tis: “Nice to get that win and give that satisfaction”

Manager reflects on victory away in Carlisle

Following a 3-1 win against Carlisle United at Brunton Park, manager Paul Tisdale was delighted to have been able to get a maximum return from the longest away-day of the season.

For the 154 fans that traipsed across the country to Cumbria, a fine footballing display and a well-earned victory has meant for a very happy journey home as well.

“Well done to the fans – it’s a heck of a long trip,” said Tis.  “We had the benefit of a stay last night, and we saw them at the services just short of Carlisle today.”

“There were quite a few of them in there and they have set off very early today to get here.  I’m glad we’ve been able to give them something to be happy about on the way home.  It’s nice to get that win and give that satisfaction.”

Tis was especially pleased with the showing from his side, having created the bulk of the chances and ultimately converting three of them.

He felt that the performance was not dissimilar to many other recent away displays, with the exception that they got the result they merited against Carlisle.

“The last four or five away games we’ve played, we have played very similar as we have done today,” Paul explained.

“Today we got the rub of the green and it’s no coincidence that we played on the best pitch that we’ve seen since November-time, while helped us.

“But we played in the same manner which we did at Oxford and Portsmouth, and today the game went our way.  We made some good decisions at crucial times and we defended the box really well.  I’m really happy with our performance, as I have been for the last two or three months away from home.

“I’m not surprised that we got a win today – I think it has been coming over the last two or three games.  And of course I’m really pleased.”

City’s first two goals came from Ryan Harley, who beat goalkeeper Dan Hanford either side of half-time, and sandwiching Steven Rigg’s equalising volley.

The deal was sealed in added time, when Alex Nicholls released the ever-energetic Liam Sercombe to deftly clip in a late goal to secure the points with minutes to spare.

“Ryan likes it here – he scored a brace last time he played here,” Paul continued.  “And it’s no surprise – he’s starting to play games for us and it was only a matter of time. 

“He had that extra yard in his legs today.  It’s not just about covering the space he needs to in his teamwork – when he got the ball he had the yard in his legs to capitalise on it.

“I’m really pleased that he’s showing that form.  It’s good for me, it’s good for him, it’s good for the team.

“Liam’s was a break in injury-time – they had put everyone forward and it was a lovely bit of play from Alex Nicholls.

“We had had a couple of opportunities to break away in that middle third, which we just didn’t look after the ball enough.  We just had to do that once or twice and I thought we had the chance of a breakaway and it was a lovely finish to put the game to bed.

“It was lovely to have that last two or three minutes without the stress of a one-goal lead – so thank you very much Liam!”