Tis: Exeter Didn't Half Put On A Good Show

Grecians boss reacts to famous FA Cup tie

EXETER CITY manager Paul Tisdale reflected on a special night for the football club after securing a 2-2 Emirates FA Cup Third Round draw against Liverpool at St James Park.

"It was a good Cup tie," Paul said. "I think we gave it a real go tonight, and I'm very proud of the players. I'm very pleased with our achievement, and I'm really looking forward to our replay. I'm a tad disappointed that we only got a draw, as I felt we had a really good opportunity to win. There were some really good players out there, and I thought that the Exeter players gave everything and played with purpose. It's not just about trying hard, it's about trying to win, and I wanted to win the game. I'm a football manager and they are football players, and they put themselves in a great position to win it.

"I'm really looking forward to going to Anfield, but when all the dust settles the club is going to be pleased with what we've done. We have to be careful that we don't get distracted by the trip to Anfield, but the club showed itself in a great light. The place was buzzing, and the people of Exeter didn't half put on a good show.

"Every manager will look at the way his players commit to the game and apply themselves. The pitch is the pitch; I'd rather play on a better pitch, so let's not feel sorry for them having to play here. I'd love to have a better pitch too. That's the best we can do; the weather's been bad, and we've played three games in the last few weeks in horrendous conditions. I think the groundsman did a great job making the pitch as good as it was tonight.

"We're a cash-flow business. Every spare penny goes into the playing budget. It's a simple business plan, but it's a difficult one to manage. A windfall like this is the sort of cash injection that we don't get. Yes, there will be a pay-day, but there will be lots of discussion as to where it goes. It's about keeping the stadium going, and not just signing players but keeping the players that we already have. It's not a party - we've got two league games before then. We were 3-3 at half-time at Sunderland - why can't we do that again in a couple of weeks' time?"