Lifelong Carlisle United fan salutes City away following

Brian impressed by Grecians who made the long trip to Carlisle

After City's heartbreaking defeat to Carlisle United in the 97th minute, Lifelong Carlisle Fan Brian Norman emailed the club to praise the Grecians and their traveling support.

The email read as follows:

I am a lifelong Carlisle United fan having been born in the city (1947!) and although I now live in Northumberland, I still travel to home games whenever I can.
I was at today's match against Exeter. Before play today, Carlisle were second in the table with Exeter second bottom. For much of the game, anyone would have thought it was the other way round. I was with my brother and neither of us could understand why you are where you are in the league. Exeter players were much sharper, passed more accurately and deserved at least a draw if not all three points. 

If your lads continue to play like they did today I'm sure you will climb away from the foot of the table. They contributed to a really exciting game, played in good spirit apart from the slight skirmish in what was probably the 100th minute. And the Exeter fans who made the trek all the way from the deep south to the frozen north deserve some credit for their loyal support.
Best wishes for the rest of the season.

Brian Norman