Trust members can enter Cup final ballot

Supporters' Trust members can apply to buy Capital One Cup final tickets by Thursday 14th February

Exeter City Supporters’ Trust once again have Capital One Cup final tickets that are available for Trust members to buy via a ballot.

Applications for the ballot must be made to Neil Le Milliere before 5pm on Thursday 14th February.

The match is Bradford City v Swansea City, and takes place at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 24th February, kicking off at 4pm.

Please read the following carefully, as entering the draw commits you to paying for the tickets if you win regardless of whether you subsequently want them.

As a Football League club, Exeter City are automatically entered the Capital One Cup, and this entitles the club to purchase a number of tickets for the final.
This notice is to announce, and invite applications for, the official draw for the right to buy a pair of these tickets.  Details of how to apply are at the end of this notice.
Exeter City are continuing the policy of splitting the allocation between the club and the Trust and this year that means we have eight tickets available in four pairs for Trust members to buy.

The tickets available are as follows:

Four in the Bradford City area.
The first pair via Entrance H, Block 143, Row 12, Seats 264 and 265 priced at £90 each so £180 for the pair.  The second pair via Entrance K, Block 501, Row 37, Seats 7 and 8 priced at £56 each so £112 for the pair. 

Four in the Swansea City area.
Both pairs via Entrance E, and Block 501.  The first two are in Row 17, seats 26 and 27 priced at £72 each so £144 for the pair.  The second pair are in Row 32, seats 27 and 28 priced at £56 each so £112 for the pair.  

As usual these are some the best seats available, on the side, above the benches and also above the Royal Box so perfect to see the presentation as well.

You can only wear appropriate colours for whichever area you choose or are lucky enough to win the right to buy tickets for or no colours at all.  No colours from other teams, even our own, are allowed. 

The other conditions that apply are that should you be successful you must use one yourself and then take whoever you like with you but you cannot take payment for the second ticket and you must sign a disclaimer covering these points when buying the tickets.

Neil is happy to receive applications by phone, in writing, or by email by usual contact details, listed below.  These need to be received by 5pm on Thursday 14th February.  Results will be announced as soon as possible after this.

You will then need to collect the tickets from Reception at St James Park or have them posted out at your own risk if you are unable to get down to the Park or arrange alternative delivery methods.

To apply you need to supply the following details:

• Name*
• Trust Membership Number/your Priority Number [you must be a Trust member as at the date of this e-mail to be eligible to enter and this will be checked]*
• Home Address*
• E-mail Address*
• Home, Work, and Mobile Phone numbers*
• Whether you want tickets at any price and for any team**
• Whether you only want Bradford/Swansea £90/£72/£56**

*These details should match those held on the Trust database. You can check this by emailing
**Delete as applicable.

Any questions and all ballot entries should be entered via Neil Le Milliere by emailing or ringing 0208 802 0644 / 07946 615 889.