Rob: “We’ve got some good characters”

Edwards pleased with leadership qualities in the squad

The Grecians’ assistant manager Rob Edwards feels that the backbone of the team will be able to take the weight of responsibility in the forthcoming season.

The 2013/14 campaign is likely to see a bigger onus on the local lads coming into the team, and Robbo feels that the support of the experienced players is vital in allowing the youngsters to express themselves and develop as players.  He also felt that this paternalistic responsibility is something that has been pressed into the playing side for many years, since he joined as a player in 2006.

“We’ve got a spine of experienced players in the team and there’ll be a big responsibility on them to be the motivators – but that’s just the same as it always has been,” said Edwards.

“When I was brought into the club as a player, that was spelt out to me that I needed to help people around me and help the manager by enforcing his messages, and to be a good team player – and that will be expected of all the senior players.”

He went on to explain that the older players that Paul Tisdale has at his disposal had been cherry-picked as leaders on and off the field when they were first brought in – and in particular he highlighted the influence that Danny Coles continues to have on the squad.

“Paul has those sorts of players in the squad anyway,” continued Rob.  “We’ve certainly got hold of some good characters.  I said to Danny Coles that I thought he led the team really, really well last year.  It’s not just in matches – every day in training, you’ve got to be an example to the younger players, and he was.

“If it’s a Monday morning and you’ve just lost at the weekend, those younger players are looking at the older ones for some guidance and he was a shining light in terms of his attitude in training on every occasion.  That’s a really important part of the older players’ job.”