Club statement – Brazil

The club is aware that there has been some conjecture with regard to the fixture in Brazil in July next year.  Such ill-informed speculation does nothing to help Exeter City in this major venture and is unfortunate, at best, to have to report.

The position is unchanged.  The club remains in regular contact with its agents in Brazil and based on numerous official communiqués and the ongoing enthusiasm of all the relevant parties for the match and confirmation of the plans in place, Exeter City continues to work on the arranging of the official tour packages for fans, details of which are expected to be posted within the next few weeks.

Furthermore, the club’s official sources are hopeful of shortly being able to confirm details of another match in Brazil to enhance the tour and when venues and additional games are confirmed, details will be released immediately on the official website.

Work on a dedicated website is at an advanced stage, accessed via the main club website, which will not only carry news of Brazil tour packages and matches but is designed to ascertain demand for travel, preferences on accommodation style and price ranges plus enable the club to discuss match ticket needs with the official organisers.  It is important that when this is launched that those looking to travel or interested to find information about travel options, register on the site and reply to the questions asked.

Work continues, the club having incurred nil costs, towards facilitating this historic event, befitting and respectful of the clubs history.