University of Exeter partnering Exeter City’s 2014 trip to Brazil

Local uni getting behind City for historical centenary tour

With the University of Exeter already forging links with Brazil as an educational market for the city’s rapidly growing and award winning centre of learning, it made perfect sense for the University’s International Department, headed up by Dr Shaun Curtis, to associate itself with Exeter City’s historic return to Brazil in July 2014.

Building on the unique and historic football links forged by the Grecains in 1914, and with Vice Chancellor, Sir Steve Smith, also due in Rio in July this year, the chance of a further opportunity to raise the awareness of Exeter University seemed to good a chance to miss for Dr Curtis and his colleagues. 

The University’s International Department has therefore agreed to become an Associate Sponsor of Exeter City’s trip and will have its logo displayed at events and matches in Brazil as part of the deal agreed between ‘Club and Gown’.

Exeter City’s Business Development Manager, Bruce Henderson said: “It is a great honour to have such a prestigious university associated with our club in such a public way. 

“The University of Exeter is a world famous seat of academic excellence and plays a key role in the economic health of our city.  We already have close working links with many parts of the University and of course our annual charity game with the University’s Football team is a major fundraiser with a crowd of 4,500 attending the game this season. 

“The confidence of the university in the club as a way of raising its profile is a great boost to us and we both appreciate and are proud of the support.”