Grecians get Soul with Kia

As part of the new partnership between Exeter City Football Club and Marsh Kia, the area’s Kia dealer supplied Julian Tagg and his wife, Charlie, with one of Kia’s new Soul cars to road test for a weekend.

The Soul is one of the most innovative electric cars available in the market and Marsh Kia’s marketing team supplied the car as they were genuinely looking for honest feedback from one of the target drivers for the model and concept.

The car was duly used by the Tagg family for the chosen weekend and our picture shows Charlie Tagg driving the car off from the Marsh Kia showroom on Hennock Road in Marsh Barton.

After driving the car Charlie was impressed on a number of fronts, reporting: “It is perfect, with its flat sides, for driving in narrow Devon Lanes and it has very good headroom inside.  It has a very distinctive look and inside there is a really good SatNav and radio system. 

“In fact, the in-car features, including Bluetooth, are what you would expect on a much bigger car.  It was very quiet, which took some getting used to but once I did get used to driving it, it was easy to handle with very good performance for its size.  There was enough storage space for me and on Friday we took club manager, Paul Tisdale, out for a spin in it and he was also very impressed with the car.

“The really important thing, which eased my initial worries, was the way the dealership made it easy to understand the range of the car and how I could recharge the battery, so I didn’t have any fears of getting stuck anywhere.  It was very easy to charge at home and the running costs are very low indeed.  I can easily understand why this would be a perfect second car or small family car where there is no need for constant long journeys and even a business car for use in towns and cities where the daily range is well established.”

Julian Tagg, who drove the car to the game against Dagenham, also enjoyed the experience and admitted to being very taken with the vehicle, adding: “I enjoyed the experience very much and would certainly suggest that it is worth going to Marsh Kia and finding out more about the Soul.”