New Mazda MX-5 Proves an Instant Favourite With City's Jamie McAllister!

WITH VOSPERS' unique and special relationship with Exeter City Football Club already proving a great favourite with both club and company, the next stage in working with the Grecians was for Vospers to have City’s number five Jamie McAllister test-drive the brand new Mazda MX-5 that Vospers Honiton Road dealership is now proudly presenting in Exeter.

Accordingly, a beautiful, sparkling new red MX-5 was delivered to the Cliff Hill Training Ground by Vospers' local staff and off Macca drove it to his home near Bristol. The result was possibly the broadest smile anyone has ever seen from the former Scottish international since he found a five pence piece in the car park last season. In short, Macca fell in love with the car and admitted afterwards that the he was sold on it the moment he set eyes on the lovely sweeping lines of the perfectly formed car. As he said, "it is designed to be absolutely fit for purpose. It looks and drives beautifully and was a joy to be in."

The popular City defender was particularly impressed by the way the car performed in terms of the perfect balance between acceleration, gearbox, steering and general handling. Macca felt the car was fast where it needed to be, the gearbox neat and efficient, the steering exactly as the driver would want it for the car and the way the car responded on corners and in town as well as on the motorway made for a really impressive driving experience. He felt the interior layout was also perfect for the car, being unfussy, easy to understand and use yet totally efficient and also how safe the car felt to be in despite the obvious performance potential. Macca also felt that the real pleasure in the car was the way it was equally at home in town in the traffic as on the country lanes and motorways. In summary, he made no secret of the fact that the MX-5 was one of the best cars he has been in of its type and that he would recommend it to anyone, whether in a red and white striped shirt or not!