Club and Supporters' Trust to hold party for volunteers

Event to be held after Exeter City's match with Grimsby Town on October 8

Exeter City deeply appreciates the fans who assist club staff by working voluntarily on a huge array of jobs.

These are as diverse as stadium cleaning and maintenance, ticketing, and even preparing the players’ meals and washing their kit. Last year there was the added task of dealing with literally thousands of ticket applications for our two FA Cup matches against Liverpool:  Some ordinary fans worked alongside club staff full-time for many days on that particular project alone.

Every year the club and Supporters’ Trust act together to lay on some sort of “party” to recognise this tremendous input. For 2016 we are experimenting with a different format which we hope will make this party better than it has been in the past.

It will take place in the Paramount Personnel Lounge after our match on Saturday, October 8, at home to Grimsby Town. Admission will be via special wristbands for the party obtainable from the VIP entrance in Red Square directly after the game. There will be pizza and salad to eat and everyone will receive a drinks token to use at the bar next to the lounge. There will be no reason to drink and eat up quickly however because the bar will remain open and there is an England International on the TV plus the usual “free to enter” volunteers raffle. We also expect Steve Perryman and the players to be joining us.

Admission is by invitation only and these should reach volunteers by Friday, September 23. Please let our organiser this year know if you haven’t received one by then on 07511521959 or