Foundation members season ticket benefit

Annual benefit distribution underway

The Exeter City Foundation are pleased to announce that the benefit distribution process is underway for  members who are season ticket holders for the 2017/18 season. Those who qualify should receive their benefit within the next week to 10 days.

From last season, beneficiaries, who previously were able to obtain their season ticket for a 10% discount, now receive their benefit either as a cash back of £23 (equivalent to £1 off the admission charge for each home match), or a voucher for the club shop worth £30. (The change was made to ease the administration of season ticket renewals).

Those newly qualified, either having joined the Foundation within the last 12 months, or a new season ticket holder, who haven’t yet expressed a preference will be contacted in the near future.

For those requesting cash back, please note it is easier to process this by internet payment, and those who have provided us with their bank details will be processed first. Please note that the club does not keep a record of individual bank details once these are lodged with our bank. Anyone who wishes to take advantage please contact the Foundation administrator.

Approximately 60% of Foundation members are also season ticket holders, and this is just one of a number of benefits of being a member of the Exeter City Foundation.

Foundation members pay £10 per month by standing order to the club. The City Foundation draw runs throughout the year, overall there are sixty-seven prizes, of which sixty-four are cash prizes,meaning that members have a GREAT chance of winning. All winners are Exeter City supporters and net proceeds go to good causes at the club.

If you want to join then fill in a form at Reception, join on-line through or contact the Foundation administrator at: