💬 Matt Taylor: "We ran ourselves into that game today."

Exeter City manager Matt Taylor praised his side’s work-rate and intent as they recorded a 5-1 victory over Notts County at St James Park.

The Grecians won the game thanks to two goals each from Pierce Sweeney and Jayden Stockley, along with a late header from Aaron Martin.

However, it was the way City pressed from the front and chased down Notts County in attacking areas that impressed Matt Taylor the most. 

“It was a good performance,” he said. “There was a positive intent about us from the word go today. We went hunting, went after them, closed them down when we possibly could, and created chances. We created more chances than we knew what to do with, to be honest with you, but we were good.” 

“We ran ourselves into that game today,” added Matt. “I think everyone could see that and that is what I want from my team. I have said it is a fit group and we have worked them hard and the signs were good.” 

However, despite moving back up to third in the table, Matt says the players will be keeping their feet firmly on the ground. 

“We won’t carried away,” he said. “We won’t get too high on the back of that victory as much as we didn’t get too low on the back of last weekend. The lads have earnt their first couple of days off this season and now it is all preparations going forward to Mansfield.”

Speaking about the first goal, Matt added: “I have been at the players to score from a corner and Pierce, at times, we have held him back this season because he is such a good defender, but we felt his presence in the opposition’s box would just cause a bit of trouble.

“It is always good to score a set-piece goal, especially if it is the first goal because it just gets you a foothold in the game and gets you going. 

“Then we played really well after that. I was disappointed with their goal. I won’t hide that. We have got to be better with that because it was route-one, again, in terms of our backline not dealing with the first ball. 

“He (Enzio Boldewijn) has then put it in the top corner, but it is what we do with the first ball, the first contact. We have got to be tough with that because that is what happens week in, week out at this level. 

“However, second half we played. Hiram (Boateng) got on the ball, Jayden worked hard and Holmsey (Lee Holmes) and Nicky (Law) were excellent and Lukey (Luke Croll) came in, after Woody’s (Craig Woodman) injury, and was solid in terms of our defence.”

Matt also had special praise for Sweeney, who added to his first goal by tucking away a penalty before then missing another spot-kick later in the second half.

“For him to miss out on a hat-trick is slightly disappointing for him,” said Matt. “I know it is his birthday weekend. However, Pierce is Pierce and what pleased me about him most was his defensive display.

"He was up against a good player today and he got tight at every single opportunity and backed his feet, backed his body and the goals were a bonus.”