💻 Virtual Fan Engagement Centre to be held on August 17

In recent years we have combined our work across both the EFL Family Excellence Scheme and Away Fan Experience Project into a unified strategy for the benefit of all supporters across the board.

To influence the Match Day Experience please feel free to take part in our widest possible spectator consolation by participating in our Virtual Fan Engagement Centre on Monday, August 17 at 6:30pm. Please email customerservices@exetercityfc.co.uk for an invite.

So far the vast majority of suggestions at previous Fan Engagement Centres from advertising matches, pre-match entertainments and all other activities associated with the Match day and beyond have been successfully implemented. If you would like a list of the suggestions made at past Fan Engagement Centres please email: customerservices@exetercityfc.co.uk 

Due to the current pandemic we will be unable to hold the usual open meeting this year.  Your important observations, suggestions and recommendations are encouraged between now and 17 August to help us improve when we once again open the turnstiles.  The areas we want help with are detailed in the chart below. 

For twelve seasons we have participated in the EFL Family Excellence merit award. In recent seasons we have deliberately and successfully built our progress year on year culminating in being judged League Two runners-up and 15th amongst the 72 EFL clubs in consecutive seasons.  A far cry from where we started from such a low point in 2011-2012.  The Family Excellence judging by genuine first time visitors has been recorded as follows:

Family Excellence.png

The majority of the 14 Clubs ahead of us in the EFL (72 clubs) having far more resources to deploy on fan engagement making our achievements to date even more commendable. The task now with your help is to go one better and win the League 2 award outright. We would also like to get into the overall EFL top ten. Both would also be admirable achievements.
The Away Fan Experience Project was in its fourth year last season. Unfortunately like the Family Excellence Awards the programme was suspended when the season was curtailed early. In 2018-19  we were awarded the League 2 top spot.
Our Fan Engagement Centre this year will review what we have done in the past to look after all our supporters. To become even more inclusive of the wide diversity of supporter, add new ideas and refresh our approach to the match day experience.  Your help and contribution will be fundamental tin moving forward.
The Virtual Centre is designed to discuss strategic elements relevant to all our supporter base. To gather new ideas and a fresh oversight of our activities. So your ideas and suggestions will be most welcome. To help us develop activities likely to increase the focus on, and the likely success of, activities aimed at driving spectator growth.
The opportunity to participate will be open to all supporters who feel they have an idea to suggest, an improvement to be made or skill to offer.
You are encouraged to make a suggestion on activities we could use to enhance the match day experience? If you want to recommend an improvement in a particular area or even want to volunteer to help on a match day please email: customerservices@exetercityfc.co.uk. Alternatively please write to Customer Services, ECFC, Stadium Way, Exeter EX4 6PX. 

Finally if you want to make your point personally please join our Zoom conference facility at 6:30 on Monday 17 August 2020.
We look forward to hearing from you with your suggestions to help us improve the quality of service you receive.