🎟 Super saver season ticket deadline extended

The deadline for super saver season ticket purchases has been extended to 5pm on Wednesday July 1.

Whilst we understand the difficulty with not knowing about the full status of the 20/21 season, purchasing a season ticket gives you an opportunity to support the club during these tough times, and play a huge part in enabling your club to remain financially stable and well prepared for the new campaign.

So far over 400 of you have pledged your support for the 20/21 season and we send you a huge thank you for this. We understand that you may not be able to commit to this outlay at this time, so there is no pressure to purchase.

Please note that current season ticket holder seats will be reserved until everything is clearer/resolved.

By purchasing a season ticket in the super saver period, you will not only make the best savings on admission for the campaign but enable the club to operate fully whilst we have a period of no matches and minimal income.

Please click here for the full details.