💬 Matt Taylor: "We have to the repeat the final half an hour of Tuesday's game."

City boss Matt Taylor says his side must reproduce the kind of football they played towards the end of Tuesday night's game against Crawley when they take on Scunthorpe United at St James Park on Saturday.

"We have got to take the last half an hour of Tuesday into the game. If we do, that'll give us a really good chance of getting a result," Taylor told the press ahead of the lunchtime kick off. 

He also provided an update on the squad's injury issues, with Rory McArdle, Jonny Maxted and Nigel Atangana all sidelined. "Jonny has had a scan result back and he will see a specialist in regards to that. When the knee disclocates like it did there was going to be ligament or tendon damage, and it turns out there's cartlidge damage."

"Rory is a little more complicated than we expected. There's no structural damage but there's a long term defect on his knee, which will all depend on the pain. He ran for the first time today."

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