💬 Matt Jay on Fixture Release Day and a return to training

Matt Jay has given his first interview of pre-season as the lads returned to the Cliff Hill Training Ground on the same day we found out our fixtures for the League One season.

"It's great to be back and it's great to see everyone again," the skipper said.

"It's good for the session to be finished though - it's been a tough day and there'll be more tough days coming up.

"The weather has been great for the new vests! It makes the warm weather a bit easier though. The training ground is looking excellent with the building work going on.

"It's been nice to have the reset and I'm really pleased to be back.

"We've got the Wales camp coming up and that's a really nice thing to do. It's nice to be able to socialise there, play a few games and have a bit of a sing song."

On fixture release day...

"It all comes around at once, doesn't it. Starting at Lincoln will be tough, but I have some good memories there.

"We're all really excited for the season to begin but we've not delved too far into what we're going to do and how it'll shape up, but we definitely want to compete this year.

"It's nice for the players to be going to some different places. Hopefully it'll be another great season and hopefully the fans can really get involved in what we're trying to do.

"The local pre-season fixtures are good for us as it's a nice start. It'll be great to be back on the pitch."

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