💬 Julian Tagg on appointment of Gary Caldwell

Club president Julian Tagg has given his thoughts following the appointment of new manager Gary Caldwell.

Caldwell joins the club following the departure of Matt Taylor after a three week recruitment process, something Tagg was a pivotal part of. 

"It's been a long process, but the important thing was taking enough time to get the right man and I think with Gary we've done that. 

"From the interviews, it was clear he'd done a lot of due diligence and spoke to a lot of people, and had a huge understanding of the club, the model and the ethos. We've got our man!

"Gary was very complimentary of what Matt Taylor did and he has left a great legacy for Gary which he mentioned a number of times. 

"Gary fits all the attributes of what we were looking for and he really fits with what we are trying to achieve here. He's under no illusions what he has got to take on to try and maintain what we have already built."

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