“Exeter United” are singing for Stanno

Bands launch charity track ahead of derby day

A union of Exeter bands, under the banner of ‘Exeter United’, have recorded an anthem for Exeter City Football Club which will be available to buy prior the Plymouth Argyle match this Saturday.

The group have written and recorded their own rendition of ‘Go West’ and 75 per cent of all profits taken from the recommended £3 fee will be donated to the Adam Stansfield Foundation, while the remaining 25 per cent will be put towards other causes chosen by the ExEC100 Club.  The track will also be played ahead of the Devon Derby kick-off at St James’ Park.

The lead vocals are provided by Phil Smyth, for whom this venture has been particularly close to his heart.  Phil is the son of City legend Cecil Smyth, who played 273 times for the Grecians in the 1960s, and who sadly passed a few years ago.

All of the musicians and producers involved in this project have donated their time for free and are hoping to raise £500 for the Adam Stansfield Foundation.

The Story of the Song

During a committee meeting in 2010, Frank Sealey – one of the founder members of the ExEC100 Club – mentioned to local DJ and music manager Steve Gibbings that it would be a great idea to try and get a band to record the song ‘Go West’ as an anthem for Exeter City.

Steve took this on board, and after mentioning the idea to a local musician and friend, he decided to rewrite the words to the song with special meaning to Exeter City and, in particular, Adam Stansfield.

After many weeks of writing and (and rewriting!) the words, and various meetings with a local music producer, a rough demo of the song was introduced at a committee meeting.  It was discussed that it could be a possible fundraiser for the Adam Stansfield Foundation, a charity which is obviously close to the hearts of Exeter City and its fans.

It was decided they would try and record this song with the intention of releasing it for the 2011/12 season.

After several other meetings it was decided that the New Heroes, a local band with a link to Exeter City, would record this song and move the project forward.

The connection for the New Heroes to perform this single was that lead singer and guitarist Phil Smyth is the son of Exeter City Legend Cecil Smyth, who played 273 games for the club in the 1960s and was a true City legend.

Phil readily agreed to do this for the football club and for the Adam Stansfield Foundation along with his band and recorded the finished version during 2011.

After several other meeting and various other issues, it was decided that they would try to issue the single with three versions on it: the first being Phil Smyth performing his own version of the song; the second being a ‘Band Aid’ style version with the added input of band member Steve Haydon, Des and Foxy from local band Carnaby Street and vocals from Stevie and Spike from Diamondogz; the third version being an instrumental with vocals only on the chorus, which could be used as a karaoke track.

Because of the timing and re-recordings of the song, it was decided that they would try to release this during the Christmas period of the 2012/13 season instead.
So after a lot of hard work, patience and dedication by everyone involved, they have arrived at the time when we will be making the song available...

On Saturday 15th December 2012 the song will be releasing this single prior to the Plymouth Argyle match.

This single will be available from the following people in exchange for a donation to the Adam Stansfield Foundation:
ExEC100 Club; Exeter City Reception; the Club Shop, Centre Spot, ordered by post and at various other locations to be announced.

It is hoped that there will be a launch night in the near future with Phil performing this song live at the Centre Spot – please keep an eye out for news on this event.

Grateful thanks for making this song a reality must go to the following people:
Frank Sealey, Steve Gibbings, Roger Morton, Adrian Shand, Chris Comer, Mandy Bentley, Jackie Corr, Ady Hart, Phil Smyth and Steve Haydon of New Heroes, Steve and Spike of Diamondogz, Des and Foxy of Carnaby Street, Keith Stone, Steve Perryman and all other persons helping make this idea a reality.