FA Cup final tickets for Trust members

Trust members can enter ballot to buy cup final seats

FA Cup final 2012/13
Man City v Wigan
Saturday 11th May, 5.15pm
Wembley Stadium, London

Exeter City Football Club and the Supporters’ Trust are once again offering more than half of their allocation of tickets for the FA Cup final for Trust members to buy.

The club will have to buy them from Wembley, and they will be sold on at cost.

Please see below for details on how Trust members can apply to be in with a chance to buy a pair of tickets.  The closing date for applications will be midday on Friday 3rd May, with the draw taking place on the same evening or the following day, subject to the arrival of the tickets.  Winners will then be contacted by Neil Le Milliere and the results announced as soon as possible afterwards.

Ticket Entitlement
In line with clubs in the Premier League and Championship divisions, League 2 clubs are entitled to buy 18 tickets [in pairs] from the Football Association for the FA Cup final.

These 18 tickets will be split between the Man City and Wigan sections in seats above the benches and offer an excellent position from which to view the match.

This means they will be priced at premium rates of either £115 or £65 each (so £230 or £130 a pair); it is likely that all tickets at each price will be for one club section and the other price for the other club section.

Unfortunately we will not know until they arrive how many tickets we will have and at what prices for which section, but the Trust will have probably have six pairs available made up of four pairs at £130 (£65 each) and two pairs at £230 (£115 each) split between the two clubs (ie. two pairs for one team at the higher price and four pairs at the higher price for the other team).
Should you want tickets to support one team or the other and you end up in the wrong section, you should be fine but you will not be able to wear the wrong colours (and of course you would have to celebrate or cry discreetly!)

How can I give myself a chance of getting tickets?
If you are interested in having a chance of buying a pair of tickets, you have to first be a member of the Exeter City Supporters’ Trust.  Then all you need to do is follow these simple instructions:

Send an email to Neil Le Milliere at neil_le_milliere@btinternet.com or ring 0208 802 0644 or 07946 615 889 and provide the following details: name; Trust priority number; home address; email address; home/work/mobile phone numbers.

Last but not least, please specify which draw you want to be entered for – Man City, Wigan, or both; please also confirm whether you are happy to buy tickets at either price or only at the cheaper price and will therefore not wish to be in the draw for tickets in the more expensive seats.

Neil will acknowledge all entries, so if you have not had a reply within a day, please call him at the numbers listed above.  If you have any questions, please contact Neil directly on the details listed.

Please be aware that the winners of these tickets will be required to sign a contract to confirm they will be using one of the tickets, that the second ticket will be used by a family member or friend who will need to be named, and that lastly that neither ticket will be sold on.