Exeter City Hold Dementia Awareness Workshop

Staff, Trust members, FITC and others in attendance

EXETER CITY took the first steps towards becoming a "dementia-friendly" football club by hosting a dementia awareness workshop today at St James Park.

Gina Awad from the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance led the session, which was attended by club directors and staff, Supporters' Trust Trustees, Football in the Community staff and others from the Grecian family.

Gina introduced attendees to the 'five things you should know about dementia'. These are:

* It’s not a natural part of ageing

* It’s caused by diseases of the brain

* It’s not just about losing your memory – it can affect thinking, communicating and doing everyday tasks

* It’s possible to live well with dementia

* There’s more to a person than the dementia

Everyone present agreed to become a "Dementia Friend" and help change the way people think, talk and act about dementia.

The next step will see the club, the Trust and Football in the Community all apply to become members of the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance. Part of this process will be the production of action plans to set out how the various parts of the club can become more dementia friendly.

Gina Awad said: "It's so good to have Exeter City Football Club committing to this important agenda. It was really inspiring, the way people at the workshop were willing to share their personal experiences and agreed to be dementia friends. This is vital as with support, people with dementia, can and do take an active role in life".

Paul Farley, Exeter City Football Club’s lead director for equality, inclusion and safeguarding, said: "I am so proud that we held this workshop and are going to join the Alliance. Dementia is one of the great social issues of our time, and as a supporter-owned community club, it is absolutely right that we get involved".

For more on the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance, head here.

For a video explaining Dementia Friends, see here, and for a video on the aspirations to become a dementia-friendly Exeter, see here.